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We are just a few more steps away from the main point of this story, ie the ADX indicator. This indicator must be generated from quotes and cannot be generated from results of another chain-enabled indicator or method. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. I/we have no stock, option or similar derivative position in any of the companies mentioned, and no plans to initiate any such positions within the next 72 hours.

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Some have price characteristics similar to commodities, which tend to be more volatile with short and strong trends. Stocks with low volatility may not generate signals based on Wilder’s parameters. Chartists will likely need to adjust the indicator settings or the signal parameters according to the characteristics of the security. Unfortunately for many traders, price movements aren’t just a game of ups and downs. Often, the most accurate trading signals are in the strength of the trend.

To start with, it is based on moving averages, which means that it is largely a lagging indicator that reacts slower to price changes in the market. ADX is also practically inefficient when trading less volatile or ranging markets. Furthermore, ADX crossovers can happen frequently and deliver choppy signals to traders. The idea is to combine the ADX with a complementary indicator that will provide a comprehensive analysis of an asset’s price. It is important to ensure that you do not combine the wrong indicators, which can lead to indicator redundancy and overemphasising information.


After 30 minutes, the oscillator rose above 20% on an hourly interval. As soon as ADX rises above 20%, open a short Forex trading position as -DI is at the top. The stop-out level is the previous candle high, the yellow line. It’s reasonable to set a trailing stop instead of the regular stop.

Average Directional Index (ADX indicator)

It is common investing wisdom that detecting and trading in the direction of a strong trend is a profitable strategy with minimal risk exposure. This is why ADX is one of the most popular indicators among traders of all levels. Functionally, the ADX is an excellent indicator for identifying the prevailing conditions in the market.

It helps traders to find out if the market is trending and how strong this trend is. The Average Directional Index is a technical tool designed to measure the strength of a market trend. The ADX indicator is used for various purposes, such as measuring trend strength, as a trend and range finder, and as a filter for different Forex trading strategies. When the average directional movement index is making a series of lower readings you can see that price has little momentum. This also indicates you may want to look for trades other than trend trades.

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This +DI14 is the green Plus Directional Indicator line (+DI) that is plotted along with the ADX line. Smooth these periodic values using Wilder’s smoothing techniques. The ADX indicator is composed of a total of three lines, while the Aroon indicator is composed of two.


The Keltner Channel or KC is a technical indicator that consists of volatility-based bands set above and below a moving average. The primary momentum indicator, the Average Directional Index ranges between 0 and 100, where high numbers indicate a strong trend and low numbers indicate a weak trend. Both strong upward and downward trends increase the Average Directional Index. It beats trying to scale every peak and valley on a chart. In figure 1, the +DI crossed above the -DI a little earlier than when the ADX crossed above 20.

The two are the positive directional indicator that is known as +DI and the negative directional indicator that is known as -DI. The standardized average of the positive and negative directional indicators, known as ADX, does not have a lower return. An uptrend is in place when the +DI is above the -DI; whereas a downtrend is in place when -DI is above the +DI.

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A reading of 25 or below is normally seen as price moving sideways or in a ranging market. This is an extremely popular indicator because whilst there can be many trends, knowing how strong or weak a trend is can be a huge advantage. The privacy and protection of your data and information provided to us is of vital importance. Sharekhan Comtrade Private Limited shall ensure to safeguard the security and confidentiality of any information you share with us.

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For instance, an on the daily timeframe will have the current price at index zero and yesterday’s data at the position index one. It is recommended to trade in a strong trend which is specified by the blue ADX line. A potential signal with sufficient momentum is above the 20-level.

If the market forms a trend, the oscillator will begin to rise, and the distance between +DI and -DI will increase. The larger the difference between +DI and -DI, the higher the ADX peaks. The maximum divergence in the positive and negative direction and the index line being above 40-50% correspond to the overbought and oversold zones, respectively.

In general, divergence is not a signal for a reversal, but rather a warning that trend momentum is changing. It may be appropriate to tighten the stop-loss or take partial profits. The series of ADX peaks are also a visual representation of overall trend momentum. ADX clearly indicates when the trend is gaining or losing momentum.

High and Low are the maximum and minimum values, while i and i-1 are the current and previous low and high periods, meaning the current and prior bars or candles. To avoid the need to redraw, it’s appropriate to take the current High and the current Low of the newly formed closed candlestick. The creator of the index suggested using the D1 interval. On short intervals like M5-M15, the oscillator produces too many false signals because of price noise. The dotted lines are the additional +DI and -DI lines; the solid one is the ADX line.

The stock market can be immensely volatile, and share prices are often influenced by fundamental factors and economic events such as news reports and performance documents. Subsequently, having an effect on a stock’s price in a rapid timeframe, making it more difficult to use technical analysis tools to predict share value direction. For this reason, the ADX indicator and other trend-based indicators do not work as well for the share market as for other financial instruments.

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The trend is losing momentum but the uptrend remains intact. When ADX is above 25 and falling, the trend is less strong. Divide the 14-day smoothed Minus Directional Movement (-DM) by the 14-day smoothed True Range to find the 14-day Minus Directional Indicator (-DI14). This -DI14 is the red Minus Directional Indicator line (-DI) that is plotted along with the ADX line. Divide the 14-day smoothed Plus Directional Movement (+DM) by the 14-day smoothed True Range to find the 14-day Plus Directional Indicator (+DI14).

Between mid-January and early May of 2013, this security trended visibly upward and was supported by a strong value for ADX as well as a DMI+ tracking above the DMI- . Finally, we are returning the lists appended with values. Then, we are calling the created function and stored the values into their respective variables.

Precision is the number of decimal places for the levels. Period is the number of candles for calculating the indicator value. This means that EMA smoothing is performed on the last 14 candles.

In trading, market participants use two contrasting types of analysis. Fundamental analysis examines market news, economic/social/political forces, and earnings data to predict how an asset’s price will move. Technical analysis, on the other hand, uses charts and various other technical indicators to forecast market conditions. Average directional movement index is produced to reflect the growth or contraction of a security’s price range over time. ADX indicator standard value is 14 time periods, however analysts used it with settings as low as 7 and high as 30.

Whenever the lines move closer to each other, the market is observed to be ranging, similarly, the wider the space between the lines, the more the markets are trending. Before we go through the details of the Average Directional Index code, let us describe the buy and sell signals interpretation. The movement of the ADX line represents the strength of the momentum, while -DI and +DI define the direction of the trend. The ADX distinguishes a strong trend when the ADX is above the 25-level and a weak trend when it crosses below 20. Crossovers of the -DI and +DI lines are useful indications and can signal to buy and sell.


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