Rosa will not name-drop this lady people, however, describes him or her because “Quinoa” and you can “Couscous” depending on Boyle’s request

Rosa will not name-drop this lady people, however, describes him or her because “Quinoa” and you can “Couscous” depending on Boyle’s request

Meanwhile, Terry and you will Holt have identified the new puzzle sound regarding broadcast inform you. Terry enthusiastically contacts together with his answer. not, he was incorrect. Terry apologizes to help you Holt to have wrangling him towards the a great frivolous video game, nevertheless latter understands that he’d fun. He appreciated wasting date towards the some thing fruitless. How extremely not Holt out of your.

Quinoa throws the brand new kibosh to their relationship thru text message

After that, we see Boyle are screwing Rosa having various inquiries. Unfortunately, the procedure fell short of triumph. Boyle releases another means – he appetite Rosa to hang upside-down from the her foot so blood often hurry to your “decision making” part of her head. Such as for example good bat!

2nd, Jake interrogates this new sporting events member with Amy inside pull. The new light bulb movies on the, and Jake discovers you to definitely Gina was the genuine tattler. Gina finds Jake and you can she demonstrates to you that latter was going off a bad road from inside the highschool. Brandon would’ve produced Jake’s life infinitely bad. And additionally, Brandon is absent in the reunion due to the fact he was with the parole and you will forbidden to go away Delaware. Jake is actually annoyed that have Gina having enabling becoming new scapegoat for two ages. Perhaps not toight, neither is it noice.

Rosa totally life their knowledge call at the fresh new unlock and you may examining their sex

BROOKLYN Nine-9 – “The fresh new Tattler” Event 603 – Pictured: (l-r) Andy Samberg just like the Jake Peralta, Melissa Fumero while the Amy Santiago – (Pictures by: Vivian Zink/NBC)

After, Holt with Terry, Hitchcock and you may Scully for the next bullet of your own broadcast inform you online game. The guy can’t wait in order to regale Kevin along with his newfound knowledge – you to having a great time would be senseless. Welcome to lives to your greater part of the human battle, Holt.

Upcoming, Gina try talking to another classmate regarding the investing in the woman bogus app idea. Unfortuitously, the guy does not want to keep collaborating together with her immediately following discovering that she are lying. Jake swoops in the and supply a splendid address raising our Linetti to the air. However, said classmate plus admits he are lying in the with experience in startups.

At the same time, Rosa remains holding upside-down. Boyle’s methods was useless, and you can Rosa is zero tips nearer to finding out just who she wants to big date. Boyle opinions that the act essentially makes the decision to possess Rosa. Ergo, Rosa often stick with Couscous. I like couscous more quinoa anyways.

Today, Jake and you can Gina are receiving a cam. Jake apologizes if you are troubled having Gina for the tattler section. He understands that she had their best interests in mind. Jake cravings Gina to put their skills to better play with – quit brand new 99th precinct. If she wants to manage her own team, she is to run one. Gina requires Jake’s recommendations and vocally claims her choice to get rid of the new nine-nine. My personal cardiovascular system is utterly busted, but I’m hoping we’ll listen to of Gina running her own empire someday.

Seasons 6 was out over the begin, and i know Brooklyn 9-9 keeps one impetus heading. I feel because if the latest shift in order to NBC are a minor refresher into series in itself. Firstly, we know you to Peretti get her swan song in the future. This is the first-time we’ll manage a major reputation departure. Let alone, there is certainly still brand new newly wedded couples life of Jake and Amy so you’re able to compete with. The options was endless. Is hoping we obtain to explore those uncharted oceans into the Year six!

Exactly how outlandish and fantastic do you really believe Gina’s “swan track” is? Will Holt retaliate facing Administrator Kelly? Speaking of Kelly, is that the label out of Scully’s spouse or his puppy? Signup me personally in the future when i review Brooklyn 9-9, here for the Nerd Lady Power.


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