Taban-Karagay plateau might be called an utopia underneath the heavens

Taban-Karagay plateau might be called an utopia underneath the heavens

However, Kaindy River is different from anybody else with its amazing reputation for provider. It had been formed at the beginning of the fresh 20th century. An effective tectonic collapse occurred in brand new Kaindy gorge, and a beautiful lake that have an overloaded coniferous forest to the is designed instead of a little lake. Under a particular light, water body acquires an incredibly beautiful amber tone. The water temperature we have found sandwich-zero, to comprehend the mystical under water community just in an excellent unique diving fit.

A remarkable Taban-Karagay plateau are hidden regarding remote slopes of Ile-Alatau Federal Park, so tourists barely action right here

The expression “Kaindy” within the interpretation away from Kazakh form “Birch” otherwise “Overgrown which have birches”. But there are not any birches inside the river: their coastlines was wrapped in a thick spice forest. Where performs this label are from? The truth is a small downstream of your own river is actually the biggest birch grove about entire Tien Shan, that offered title on the gorge, the latest river additionally the shaped river.

Even if found in the really cardio out of Almaty region, it’s an area that’s not fully searched for people which is not easy to arrive. However, there can be a gift regarding the place for the fresh persistent professional photographers who managed to get right here. New surface of all of the Kazakhstan is intertwined about landscapes here!

You will find interesting rocks, majestic slopes and you will sphere wrapped in individuals flowers and plants. Herds away from horses, herds of cattle, and flocks regarding sheep graze beneath the overcast heavens.

Most of the spring season there is certainly a safe place regarding elks, therefore the streams and you may spicy meadows are about the new mountain since the well.

But as soon as you end up for the an area including Taban-Karagay, you quickly realize that the fresh patch and you may letters aren’t essential anyway, just the wonders regarding character was tall

For folks who watched a technology-fictional film “Lord of your own Groups”, it seems like the wonders is created by the garments and new patch. The brand new heavens is really romantic so it looks as you is at the most useful off an awesome sky of one’s world.

Shakpak-ata are an alternative structural memorial, that is located in the north-eastern area of the Tyub-Karagan peninsula when you look at the Mangistau area, regarding Shilikuduk system. A mosque is actually created towards the density away from a rugged promontory molded because of the streams from several ravines, descending across the hill away from Ungazy slope to one of the bays of your Caspian Sea. Some one already been right here throughout the nation: certain for the tourist motives, and others so you’re able to pray or perhaps be healed.

According to the regional legends, an effective specialist Shakpak-ata got stayed in a cavern towards mountainside long ago. Individuals from all the encompassing regions found him to your healing out-of spirit and the body. The brand new many years has actually passed, new senior is gone, but people still arrive at the fresh cave, and so the power of the ancient professional do assist them to. In accordance with several other legend, an excellent warrior lived-in the new cave. He was called “Shakpak-ata” (An old Son-Flint), since the the guy failed to also eradicate their mighty fuel into the old decades.

An inside of your Shakpak-ata mosque inside the Mangistau region are striking in its finest whiteness, once the the premise was in fact cut out in the thickness of one’s chalk stone. This is why, once you go into this one, your instantly getting a different conditions of the ancient shrine. The dwelling of your forehead includes several book halls connected by the aisles. Discover an excellent spiral brick stairs causing the brand new pavilion receive into apartment cliff area. Apart from that it, you will find scenic illustrations various eras on wall space, additionally the central part and you can vaults are adorned having epigraphy away from Arabic program.


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