The brand new Sierra Morena cardiovascular system is not only considering keeping and reviving Misak ancestral experience with natural medicine

The brand new Sierra Morena cardiovascular system is not only considering keeping and reviving Misak ancestral experience with natural medicine

About eighties and you will 90s, brand new Misak society began bringing back ancestral regions as a result of job and, after, of the discussing on authorities

One of several formations located in the center, new so-titled “Casa Payan” otherwise Payan House (and therefore looks on the right contained in this pictures), saves the historical past and worldview of Misak Indigenous anyone.

Really Misak-to 21,000 individuals or step 1.5 % of one’s Colombian inhabitants-survive this new Guambia reservation. It’s located in the high southwestern slopes of your own Cauca part, an abundant environment characterized by moors, or high-height grasslands. This community has been top around the world during the development a healthcare design, along with new data recovery of traditional means.

Inside residential property, he has build our house out of Treatments Sierra Morena and you may brand new Mom Dominga Hospital. This new Payan Household of Recollections, good three-facts strengthening constructed considering Misak old-fashioned structural strategies, saves their record and you will knowledge.

“It generation has experienced the opportunity to located both sort of knowledge: This new Western together with you to instructed here of the ‘shures’ therefore the ‘shuras’ (conventional medical professionals), that are sent off one generation to another and based on the information about herbs,” explained Floresmiro Calambas, accountable for the laboratory in the home regarding Medication Sierra Morena.

Inside the Family off Medication, town possess create a therapeutic backyard with over two hundred types of plant life which can be canned in the laboratory in order to be distributed locally. Misak anyone connected to this new healthcare program can buy pure medications complimentary. Other functions are midwifery, physiotherapy and you can care and attention out-of a classic doc.

“Many of our Indigenous people do not need get-off the latest region to own concern with the way they was naughty icelandic chat room handled or because they don’t really cam what,” Mother Ximena told you.

This new sketches one fill the latest wall space of one’s around three quantities of the brand new Payan Home therefore the sacred things which might be kept into the bring a pedagogical, didactic and you may historical recollections form into Misak think / credit: Antonio Cascio

The availability of a healthcare model in the Misak territory guarantees broad visibility in the neighborhood, closing the fresh new health care gap almost every other outlying Indigenous and you may Afro-Colombian individuals have experienced.

“Since Native Individuals, we come across health general,” told you Alberto Mendoza, outsource of the Wayuu individuals, following Sep eight appointment. “Thanks to this, having less liquids or perhaps the consumption of lowest-high quality liquids, therefore the lack of durability, change the fitness men and women, parents and communities.”

From inside the Pacific part seminar, Petro announced Marquez commonly facilitate local equivalence. The guy purchased designating the original personal expense to that part as it’s more unequal. Multidimensional poverty on Pacific region-that takes into consideration entry to fitness, knowledge and you can a position-increased of 26 % to help you 31 per cent between 2019 and you will 2020.

Congress people eg Gustavo Bolivar has just has actually denounced the indegent county of money left from the past president, Ivan Duque. Based on research showed by authorities changeover people, the health care system provides a funds deficit off 6.cuatro million pesos (from the $step 1.4 mil) for 2022 and 4.6 mil (from the $one million) to have 2023.

A taxation change has already been exhibited during the congress that’s expected to improve regarding the 25 million pesos ($5.76 million) along side next year to greatly help play public software. The newest change comes with broadening private income taxes to the finest 2 percent, exactly who earn more than simply 10 million pesos month-to-month (to $2,300). Fossil-power exports and glucose-centered activities will feel taxed. Aforementioned tax is made to remove health conditions in the sugar consumption.


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