The fresh new extrinsic things are those related to environmental surroundings, climate, equipment, training, and specificities of modality

The fresh new extrinsic things are those related to environmental surroundings, climate, equipment, training, and specificities of modality

The newest wounds will be caused by built-in and extrinsic activities otherwise each other, brand new inherent issues are the ones regarding anyone features from new competitors, eg anthropometric characteristics, nourishment, and mental situations.

This is a detailed epidemiological analysis, where 374 Jiu-Jitsu practitioners out-of one another genders took part, that have the average age of 24 ± 8 years, varying anywhere between 13 and you will 71 years

Because of the level of studies into the factors affecting the new density out-of injuries during the BJJ, specifically in the populace away from opposition during the Brazil, the current study will choose the factors regarding wounds inside the competitors while in the a local title.

This new try try selected for benefits, in “XIV Copa Leao Dourado de- Jiu-Jitsu”, a local race kept by the Liga Brasileira de Jiu-Jitsu, held in the city from Betim, Minas Gerais, in 2011. All participants finalized new advised concur means agreeing to participate in the analysis and you can responded a questionnaire composed of 17 questions (purpose and you will discursive). As a consequence of a job interview conducted because of the academics in the physiotherapy course at the latest Pontifical Catholic College or university away from Minas Gerais.

The newest questionnaire is made and you will placed on BJJ practitioners by teachers about physiotherapy span of the Pontifical Catholic University from Minas Gerais – Brazil, within the recommendations away from educated physiotherapist in the search, and you will aligned to collect recommendations so you can characterize brand new opposition behavior during the BJJ and wounds for the it.

The latest burns off of one’s practitioner impairs new performance, which can lead to interruption of training and race , and you may services can be made to avoid them, exploring the population the most important factors getting it

A detailed analysis was accomplished in order to define the fresh interviewees and you will its items. This new testing of your own activities you to definitely determine the density off wounds additionally the investigation of your own injuries you to definitely occurred have been made due to the development off a logistic regression design by frequency dining tables, correspondingly. Hosmer and you can Lemeshow statistics were used to analyze this new regression design. The degree of advantages included in the brand new assesses are 5% together with system utilized are brand new Mathematical Bundle with the Personal Sciences (SPSS) adaptation sixteen.0. To verify the significance of the brand new design, an excellent Chi-Square research was used.

A maximum of 374 BJJ competition was basically interviewed, the vast majority of (93.6%) was in fact men. The weight of one’s opposition are normally 77.8 kilograms (kg), varying of 41 to 150 kilogram. A highly reasonable percentage of users identified themselves just like the professional BJJ competitors (1.1%).

Most BJJ therapists (70.3%) perform some other physical exercise, having resistance training (32.1%) and you may sports (13.6%) as being the most commonly known. Almost every other battles (Muay Thai and Boxing) were as well as stated, but shorter seem to (4.8% and you may dos.1%, respectively)

As a result of the class because of the ages, most BJJ practitioners have been in the latest kinds Mature (47.3%) and you will Grasp (19.8%), totaling 67.1% of your own decide to try. According to the pounds, this new interviewees was divided in to kinds, to the highest kinds to your kinds: middleweight (21.1%), light and extremely heavy (sixteen.8% each), and typical-hefty (14.7%).

A lot of the shot advertised practicing athletics from the hobby (79.9%) and you may about the practice date, many of them exhibited anywhere between 1 to three many years meet an inmate Cena (30.7%) as well as their graduation varied greatly (Dining table step one), almost all categorized in the light (31.6%) and you will yellow (20.6%) belts, characterizing brand new shot since the a beginner, and that corroborates with the routine go out previously presented, yet not, a considerable payment is even directed into the bluish (16.8%), yellow (11%) and you will black-belt (ten.2%).

The new test is actually asked how many times it train BJJ in the week; very stated practicing the battle three to four times weekly (51.6%), but a premier payment skilled 5 to 6 times (31%), to present the typical day-after-day lifetime of a couple of hours of training and you will almost all (99.2%) perform some warmup ahead of knowledge, with an average lifetime of a half hour. The home heating done-by BJJ opposition try, usually, served by a graduated black-belt (73.3%). Every interviewees (88%) did not report serious pain or serious pain during warmup. not, people who reported discomfort advertised most discomfort on knees (42.2%) and also in the latest arms (20%).


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